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Oh​.​. (Call Me Back)


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You never call me back, girl
We said we'd meet here at 4
I wonder if i've got the wrong door (but I just checked - it's the right one)
This was a film I wanted to see
Now i'm going to have to watch it on the TV
But you know I like to see things on the big screen

All i've eaten is chocolate
Because I thought we could stop at a cheap cafe
But that dream has gone away
So i'll just fill up on popcorn
Heartbroken thoughts i'll stop them
Read my book, take a look
At the art that's on display

You never call me back girl
You never stick around too long
You never tell me what I did wrong
Call me back girl
You never call me back girl
You never seem to be too sure
You never tell me how I could do more
Call me back girl

It's too much for me, i'm just yearning for the simple life
When I can fall asleep, and not keep wondering if i'm worth your time (am I too kind?)
Am I honestly just too focused on traditional love?
There's a part of me that keeps on saying I should give this up
I'm not enough for you

I never call you back, boy
I'm sorry if i've taken too long
But the water in my bath is still warm
And i'll stay here all night long
I've got my snacks by the tap now
Gonna get myself on aeroplane mode
I'm not getting out now
So you're gonna have to go it alone

You should have a little 'you' time
Go and get yourself a wine
Pick yourself up, you'll be fine
Get me off your mind

But I get anxious without company
Why won't you reply to me?
Send me something won't you please
Even just an emoji


released June 13, 2016



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